Peter O'Neil

Of Counsel, Schroeter, Goldmark & Bender

Automotive Product Liability

"Peter O'Neil is an exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled lawyer, particularly in complex product liability    cases.  Further he is a pleasure to work with!"

       Arthur Johnson, Johnson Johnson Larson & Schaller, Eugene, Oregon

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Peter is Of Counsel to Schroeter Goldmark & Bender, one of Washington State's leading plaintiff law firms.  If you have a potential product liability case, Peter and SGB can help you:

  • Identify defects and liability issues
  • Find the best experts
  • Work with experts to develp the strongest case
  • Uncover helpful documents and facts
  • Prepare written discovery and depositions
  • Prepare effective mediation materials, including settlement brochures and innovative videos
  • Conduct mock trials and focus groups
  • Prepare to win at trial!
Peter chooses to work on just a few cases at a time so that he can focus clearly and effectively on each case.  For the attorneys who work with him it's like getting an additional full time partner on the case without the overhead.  


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Peter has a national reputation on cases involving post collision pickup truck and car fires. He's worked with attorneys in Oregon, California and Washington to help to resolve ten cases involving the infamous GM side-saddle pickup truck, and has tried or resolved cases involving Ford and Dodge, too.


Peter and former partner Paul Whelan got the biggest verdict in the history of Clark County, Washington for a man paralyzed when the passenger seat of a 1996 Hyundai Accent collapsed backward in a crash.  The pair have also represented people injured by defectively designed doors that open during a crash.


Airbags and seatbelts save lives-- unless they are defectively designed.  Peter has handled cases of poorly designed airbags that kill or blind in trivial crashes and seatbelts that unlatch or fail just when they are needed.  


A vehicle shouldn't roll over on smooth, dry pavement, and if it does roll over, its roof and restraints should protect the occupants.  Peter has handled and resolved numerous rollover and roof crush cases involving SUVs, trucks and cars.


Cars should be designed to protect occupants in a crash.  Peter has uncovered hidden structural defects in pickups and cars that caused horrific injuries even though the occupants of the other cars walked away!  Peter and his engineers ran full scale crash tests to prove the defect